How to check Saudi Iqama/Muqeem Expiry Date Online KSA

In this post we will discuss how to check the Saudi Iqama/Muqeem Expiry Date.

Go to MOI.GOV.SA -> click on Dashboard -> click on Details -> Under Residency information check the Expiry Date

Since the Date will be in Hijri we need to convert it to Gregorian/English Calendar format.

Go to Converter now enter the date and click on convert, you will get the Gregorian/English format date.

Note: Remember that you can apply for Iqama/Muqeem card renewal 3 month before expiry.

For more information check attached video.

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How to Check Visa Validity for the Exit reEntry In Saudi Arabia Online

How to Check Visa Validity for the Exit re-Entry In Saudi Arabia Online

This is a basic need for any body wants to check the validity of the Exit re-entry visa in Saudi Arabia.

All you need to do is to visit the below link and enter Iqama Number and Passport Number and click check button.