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How to Check Traffic Violation With And With Out Location by Iqama Or Violation Number

How to Check Traffic Violation With And With Out Location by Iqama Or Violation Number

Driving a car to do your daily chores is a norm in KSA because of the harsh weather but some times our little distraction could cause us traffic fines.

The story starts with a SMS from MOI-MORROR:

SMS Message From MOI-Morror How to check Muhalfah Traffice Violation in Saudi Arabia

You will get Text like below, this violation was for over speed as you can see in the translation provided:

تم قيد مخالفة:

تجاوز السرعة المحددة بمقدار لا يزيد على 25 كم/ساعة – رصد آلي

على سجل رقم:


على السيارة:
*** 17***

بقيمة: 300 ريال

In Urdu Translation:

ایک خلاف ورزی درج کی گئی ہے:

مخصوص رفتار سے زیادہ 25 کلو میٹر / ح – کی طرف سے خود کار طریقے سے نگرانی

60629 *****
ریکارڈ نمبر پر:

17 *****

گاڑی پر:
*** 17 ***

قیمت: SR 300

In Hindi

एक उल्लंघन पंजीकृत किया गया है:

निर्दिष्ट गति से 25 किमी / घंटा से अधिक नहीं – स्वचालित निगरानी

60629 *****
रिकॉर्ड संख्या पर:

17 *****

कार पर:
*** 17 ***

वर्थ: एसआर 300

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More information on Rules and Regulation 

How to Check Violation by Violation Number with Location

You can also verify your violation on MOI site, since MOI site continuously change the layout and update the system, we provided the link below to check the Violation detail by Violation Number, steps and link are given below:

Public Query Traffic Violation by Violation ID

Traffic Violation with Location Public Query Traffice Violation

Click below link to check the Violation with Location.

Check By Violation Number

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How to Check Violation By Iqama/Muqeem Card Number

We can also check Violations by Iqama/Muqeem Card Number as well. Steps and links are given below:

Check Traffic Violation By IqamaMuqeem Card Number Query Traffic Violation

All Paid Violations Query Traffic Violations

Since we already paid all our violations so no unpaid Violations. Please click following link to proceed:

Check By Iqama/Muqeem Card Number

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How to Subscribe or UnSubsribe to Tayseer (Facilitation) Program of Saudi Electricity Company

Many of us received a strange SMS like below from Saudi Electricity Company that our total amount due is i.e. 416.66 SR but we only have to pay 330 SR. It was totally strange to me until I found out about Tayseer Program. In this article, we will show you how to subscribe or unsubscribe to Tayseer program.

Dear Customer Your bill has been issued to account No. 100xxxxxxxx
The amount of the bill: SR 416.66
Previous amounts: SR 0.00
Total amount: SR 416.66
The amount to be paid is SR 330.00
We would like to inform you that you have been automatically registered in (Tayseer) program and you can cancel the subscription and pay the total amount if you wish. For more information about this program click here:

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How To Subscribe or Unsubscribe to Tayseer Program

Now the first thing you need is your Contract Number, since in the message it is account no. as shown in below image, for some of us it is miss leading because of the Name.

Copy or note down your contract number as we will be using it to Subsribe or Unsubsribe to the Tayseer Program

Now lets go to Saudi Electricity Company’s site and see our current status, click on below link:

Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Now click on View Bill to See your current Bill and enter the Contract Number we copied from the Mobile SMS.

Enter Your Contract Number and click View Bill.

Once loaded you can see your New Tayseer amount, if you are automatically registered you will also see below message.

TAYSEER PROGRAM – We are pleased to inform you of your registration automatically in Tayseer program and the amount required to be paid according to Tayseer program is xxx.00 SAR

Now we know that we are registered, this service is beneficial for some but at the same time some may not like it and may want to discontinue or unsubscribe. If you want to unsubscribe from this service just follow along.

How to Unsubscribe Tayseer Program Service on Saudi Electricity Company’s website

Please click on following link : Subscribe or Unsubscribe and choose Fixed Bill / Tayseer

Tayseer Program Fixed Bill unsubscribe service

Enter your Contract Number and Random number mentioned and click on Calculate.

Unsubsribe Tayseer Program

Once the page is loaded you can click on Unsubscribe Button and then click okay to confirm.

Fixed Bill Calculator Tayseer Program

How to Unsubsribe Tayseer Program success

We hope this would be informative for you.

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