Traveling and Road Trips

Road Trip – Top 10 Most Essential Things

Every time public holidays are announced, people want to travel Long Road Trip specially to Makkah and Madina, some choose Bahrain as their destination and some expat decide to go to their country by Road. Today we are going to tell you Top ten most essentials things You need to make your Road Trip smooth.

1. Power Bank

When you are traveling, it is essential to have Power Bank ready, although most of the modern cars now a days have some kind of charging mechanism built in, but you will need the charging capabilities when you are on foot and want a plug and charging facility on the go, we use Anker Power Bank when we go to Makkah or Madina without worry of low battery of my family’s cell phone.

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, with Dual Input Port and Double-Speed Recharging, white

2. Water Bottles

It is essential to have Water Bottles ready with you, the trick is to put the water bottle in portable Fridge or Cooler. You can also put your water bottles in fridge 2 to 3 hours earlier and take them when you about to leave, This way you will have cold water with you for some time if you are not adopting for Portable Fridge or Cooler

Portable Car Refrigerator 16 Litre DLC

3. Phone Holder

No body can deny the role of Phone Holder on long trip, it will help you see the map while you drive comfortably.

360 Rotating Universal Magnetic Car Mobile Phone Holder Stand for iPhone 5s 6s 6 plus

4. Spare Tire

Now it is essential to have an spare tire which is of same size and have same tire as you have on your regular tires, this will insure that if unfortunately one of your tire get flat you can use the spare tire to complete your journey comfortably. Usually the spare tire is not of same size which slow you down and make you stop unexpectedly on the road.

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5. Air Pump / Tire Inflator

Air pump is very crucial, as it will help you keep air pressure in cars to optimal, and if you get a miner tire air leakage you can use air pump to fill up the tire and then stop at nearest petrol pump to fix your tire.

Car Pump DC 12V-13.5V Auto Tire Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Portable Metal

6. Car Jack

A good car jack is important specially when you are travelling long distances. It is best to have hydraulic jack, it will be easier for you to lift the card with hydraulic Jack.

Hydraulic Floor Jack 2 ton

7. Car Mobile Charger

Today’s modern cars have Usb charging outlets already, if your car does not have it, you can easily get the Car Mobile Charger installed.

Anker PowerDrive+ 2 with Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger for Mobile Phones – A2224H21

8. Glasses

If you are travelling in day time, due to intense sunlight, it is advisable to wear glasses to reduce the stress on your eyes.

Ray-Ban Aviator Unisex Sunglasses, RB3025-002/4O-58-58-14-135

9. Flip Flop

In long drive it is compulsory to make yourself comfortable along the way, I usually use sandal and Flip Flop personally while driving long distance.

Nike Solay Flip Flop Slippers for Men

10. Sun Screen Cream

If you are going to expose yourself to Sun a lot, it is advisable to wear sun screen cream on your exposed areas to protect yourself from harmful sun rays.

Mohsense SPF 50 Face Sun Cream, 50 ml

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Traveling With Toddler and Children

Additional Items when travelling with Family specially with young children or toddlers

1. Pampers

If you are traveling with Toddlers or children, it is always a good idea to keep extra pampers handy in your travel bag.


2. Dry Milk

In addition to Pampers, you also need Dry Milk, if the mother is not breast feeding or the environment is not suitable for breast feeding, Dry Milk would come handy in those situations.

3. Tablet With Cartoons Or Games

During long drive children often get tied and angry they want to get out of the car and play. It is advisable to have some game or tablet pre-loaded with cartoon of games so that the journey will became smooth, I usually carry tablet with favorite cartoons, this way I get to drive with peace of mind.

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4. Hand Sanitizer

It is important to have hand sanitizer specifically if you have toddler or children who may need pamper change every now and then. It will make your journey hassle free and with out smell 😛

Dettol 3 Pieces Original Hand Sanitizer With Bag Tag – 50 ml

5. Print out of Address and Contact Detail

I have seen many people follow this idea, to print address and contact details on a card and put this card around the neck with string this way if a child is lost, this card can be used to identify and get the child to his/her parents.

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6. Bluetooth Car Handfree

Usually all modern cars now have Bluetooth car hand free, which will allow you to make and receive calls with out touching you mobile phone over the speaker. I strong recommend to use this functionality as it will enhance your road experience.

Did I miss any important thing, and what do you do when you prepare for the road Trip.

Let us know in comments below, and have a great journey.