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Haramain Train to Travel at 300 KM/h

Harmain Train which is also know as Mecca–Medina high-speed railway is to start it commercial operation from 24 September 2018 according to sources*.

Electric Train track is 453 kilometer long which links the Madina and Makkah through King Abdullah Ecconomic City and King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah.


Although the electric train can travel on 320 KM/h but when in service it will be travelling at 300 KM/h, will take around half an hour from Jeddah to Makkah and around two hours from Jeddah to Madina, with siting capacity of 417 passenger per train and total trains are 35 at the moment.

According to Arab News*, Railway is to carry 60 million passengers a year including 3 to 4 million hujj and ummra pilgrims and it will reduce the traffic between the holy cities.

Project is estimated to be total value of US$9.4 Billion.

*Sources : Saudi Gazatte

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