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Remittance Tax In Saudi Arabia? Is It True?

About 10 Millions expat work in Saudi Arabia and sent $38 billion in 2017, there is not tax on remittance although bank may charge you fee for sending money to your home country.

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There were some news circulating on media about Remittance Tax in Saudi Arabia, every one wants to know if this is true?

According to Ministry of Finance the Remittance Tax news which is not true.

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“Referring to what has been circulated by some media about the proposal to impose fees on remittance by foreign workers, the Ministry of Finance categorically denies this and affirms the commitment to support the free movement of capital through official channels in accordance with the best international standards and practices,” the ministry said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency.

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The news was initially published on:

Arab News

Saudi Gazette


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